Ben Medansky sculptural ceramic planters

These Avant-Garde Arrangements Look So Right in Ben Medansky’s Vases

It’s no secret that ceramics and plants are two of the biggest styling trends driving the interiors world right now, but our favorite thing is what happens when the two collide: The planting of jaw-dropping specimens in purpose-built pots has become something of a trend itself lately, from Adam Silverman and Kohei Oda’s eccentric potted cacti to David Haskell’s psychotic plants to Bari Ziperstein’s recent ikebana collaboration with Junzo Mori. The latest entrant to that field is Ben Medansky, who partnered with the Los Angeles creative agency We Came In Peace on a series of limited-edition living works, on sale through Monday at Persephone’s, a Valentine’s-themed botanical pop-up shop in Hollywood. The sculptural ceramic planters range in price from $150-$1,200, and are filled with unusual plant varieties sourced in Southern California: palm fronds, succulents, bamboo, eucalyptus, strange orchids, and more. For more traditionalist gift-givers, the shop is also selling Bing Bang jewelry and Compartes chocolates, among others. On view until February 15 at Eastown.

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