This Contemporary Design Icon Looks Even Better Shot By One of our Favorite Photogs

It might be funny to associate a photographer with a single color, but when we think of Stockholm photographer (and frequent SU contributor) Tekla Severin, pink is the shade that immediately springs to mind. Scrolling through her Instagram, there’s definitive evidence that she has shot other colors, but in our mind Severin lives in some Bofill–designed paradise of rose tones and geometric lines. (And don’t forget this photoshoot from 2015 or this one from earlier this month.) So it makes perfect sense that New Tendency, the ever-chic Berlin-based design brand, would hire Severin to style and shoot the studio’s pink Meta Side Table, which was released earlier last year. The Meta Side Table — in our minds starting to reach contemporary design icon status — is such a great piece because though it’s beautifully designed, it’s also a blank canvas that changes the mood of the space it’s in depending on the color and styling. (We particularly love the cobalt blue version New Tendency created in collaboration with Études Studio.) Here, the table’s Bauhausian lines are softened by shadows, greenery, and that most perfect of blushlike hues. Go here to see all shades of the table — or to pick your own.

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