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A Contemporary Furniture Editorial Inspired by Baldessari, Moholy-Nagy, and More

As you might have guessed from yesterday’s story, there’s nothing we love more than turning the lens on our own contributors — if only because to interview someone is to get to know them in an intimate way that casual conversation often can’t approximate. Case in point: a Q&A from earlier this year in the New Zealand interiors magazine Urbis with one of our favorite Sight Unseen photographers, Pippa Drummond. (We spent five hours in a car with Pippa this week and somehow the subject of a Gwyneth/Seinfeld softball game never came up.) But even cooler than the interview was the photo essay that accompanied it: Called Gravity’s Rainbow, it’s a joyful, color-filled editorial — photographed by Pippa and styled by her frequent collaborator Rebecca Bartoshesky — that features vintage and contemporary furniture from the likes of Bower, Anna Karlin, Apparatus, Gino Sarfatti and more.

Armed with the brief “modern luxury,” Drummond says, “I looked to art — minimalist paintings and collages that I have been loving recently — as inspiration for the composition, color and the focus on shape and texture, along with the idea of “modern” being a classification of a genre in the past. I wanted to look at the use of new shapes and silhouettes seen in beautiful designer objects today and to give them a softness and depth that you might see in imagery of the “modern” era. It was a great opportunity to work with some of my favorite designers.”

PippaDrummond_03_Urbis_ML_053 PippaDrummond_01_Urbis_ML_071 PippaDrummond_05_Urbis_ML_159 PippaDrummond_04_Urbis_ML_098 PippaDrummond_06_Urbis_ML_069