Salon Art Design New York

Our Favorite Finds from the 2017 Salon Art + Design

We’ve never been ones who needed an excuse to dress up, so last Thursday we happily strapped on our new No. 6 shoes and headed uptown to the Park Avenue Armory for The Salon Art + Design, generally considered to be New York’s fanciest design fair. We’ve only recently begun attending the Salon in part because the fair has only recently reached a tipping point, where the quality and number of boundary-pushing contemporary pieces matches the number of vintage ones on display — all of which, of course, reflects a more general trend in the collectible design world. It was also the first time we had trouble discerning which pieces were current and which were vintage. Did a massive terrazzo table at Hostler Burrows date back to the ’60s or to only a few months ago? (It was the ’60s.) Was that metal table at Gallerie du Passage a contemporary piece or something from the ’70s? (It’s a new piece by French designer Eric Schmitt.) Of course, as usual, most of our favorite pieces couldn’t exist in any time but right now, from Fredrik Paulsen’s anodized aluminum tables for Étage Projects, to Henny Van Nistelrooy’s ombré fringe rugs for Gallery ALL. Take a look at our picks below.

Étage Projects


Fredrik PaulsenSalon2017_EtageProjects_GuillermoSantoma

Guillermo SantomaSalon2017_EtageProjects_SoftBaroque Salon2017_EtageProjects_SoftBaroque2 Salon2017_EtageProjects_SoftBaroque3

Soft Baroque

Gallery ALL

Eclipse-Lo-01-StudioHVN-881x680 Eclipse Titan 01-StudioHVNEclipse Sedna 01-StudioHVN

Henny Van Nistelrooy

Twenty First Gallery


Eric SchmittSalon2017_21stGallery_PierreGonalons

Pierre Gonalons


Vincent Loiret

Friedman Benda

Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_FayeToogood2 Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_FayeToogood3 Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_FayeToogood1 Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_FayeToogood4 Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_FayeToogood5

Faye ToogoodSalon2017_FriedmanBenda_NajlaElZein Salon2017_FriedmanBenda_NajlaElZein2

Najla El-Zein

Galerie Kreo


François Bauchet