Perception-Bending Light Sculptures from a German Designer on the Rise

In each of Maximilian Michaelis’s new light objects for Galerie Gosserez — in which rods of acrylic emerge in straight lines or dramatic curves from sculptures of Belgian bluestone and polished stainless steel — the light source seems to play a trick on the eye, multiplying or disappearing into space. Michaelis, who was born in rural Germany and is based in the Netherlands, has a way of playing with reflection, perception, and materials, and creating objects that question our interpretation of reality. “What we see and what we make out of it is always elusive and subjective,” the designer says. Each object — which has a kind of Os & Oos–meets–Alicja Kwade je ne sais quoi — would look great as a centerpiece of a room … or as a really impressive (and expensive) dressing mirror.

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