This Up-And-Coming Italian Designer is A Master of Materials

Looking like glossy collages left too long in the sun, Strata — a collection of glass plates and lamps by Venetian designer Lucia Massari for Swing Design Gallery — are vibrant, delicate, and weirdly fun. Massari fuses differently colored flat sheets of glass in an oven, and the results teeter between two and three dimensions. Sticking with a few neutrals and a pop of color or two — yellows, violets, and blues — the casual overlapping of smooth ovals, chunky grids, and basic rectangles create unexpected, but harmonious, geometric textures. With a lamp that looks like an abstraction of a sunset to plates that could be reassembled modern paintings, Massari’s works show off both her craftsmanship and her experimental side (which we previously saw in this amazing leather room divider and chest of drawers). An exhibition is on view at Swing Design Gallery until February 24.

Swing_Lucia_Edited18 Swing_Lucia_Edited7 Swing_Lucia_Edited3 Swing_Lucia_Edited13 Swing_Lucia_Edited2 Swing_Lucia_Edited10 Swing_Lucia_Edited8 Swing_Lucia_Edited20 Swing_Lucia_Edited14 Swing_Lucia_Edited5 Swing_Lucia_Edited4 Swing_Lucia_Edited9 Swing_Lucia_Edited17 Swing_Lucia_Edited1 Swing_Lucia_Edited6 Swing_Lucia_Edited11