Mociun’s New Brooklyn Flagship is a Sophisticated, Instagram-Friendly Oasis

Caitlin Mociun opened her universally-beloved home-goods store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn more than half a decade ago. But like the neighborhood she calls home, Mociun has done a lot of growing up in that time. Late last year, that growing up culminated in the opening of a second Mociun flagship, this one devoted primarily to her fine-jewelry line — i.e. the source of much Instagram-induced hyperventilation among certain women we know. The new location is more sophisticated and austere where the other is cozy, and makes you feel a little bit cooler just for being inside it. Mociun designed the space herself, using a mix of locally fabricated display cases and building elements chosen for maximum graphic impact — such as glass bricks, terracotta breeze blocks, and subtly patterned floor tiles. The furniture and art is sourced from favorite, mostly local talents, including custom chairs by Bower, Loop lights by Lukas Peet, a SHY pendant by Bec Brittain, a painting by Paul Wackers, a cement drum by Fernando Mastrangelo, a wall hanging by Sol Calero, and ceramic planters by Light & Ladder. Might we also point out that the new store is just around the corner from Bird, to complete your fantasy-shopping afternoon?

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