This Modular Furniture Collection Might Unglue You From Your Phone

Kusheda Mensah is a British-born Ghanaian designer, based in London, whose Modular by Mensah Mutual collection began from the realization that face-to-face interaction is deteriorating from the rise of social media. As an “artistic remedy,” Mensah developed 20 interlocking modular pieces of furniture, representing the closeness and connection shared between humans, as well as the human form itself. “I created tactical, abstractly shaped modular furniture that all connect in one way or another to directly reflect the way we should socialize, so one would be able to configure their own social space to change this narrative,” says Mensah. The pieces — which look like giant Picasso cut-outs made of rich velvety marigold, caramel leather, ribbed cream, and powder blue fabrics — are totally configurable to create your dream space. Stack the cylindrical pillows with the squiggly seating however you please — but be sure to look another human in the eyes and intertwine your limbs while doing so.

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