In Brooklyn, 32 Artists Riffing on an Ancient Form — Vases With Faces

The exhibition of multi-disciplinary artists riffing on a traditional trope or form keeps popping up here in New York, and each one has been more delightful than the last. The latest, showcased at Fredericks & Mae’s Brooklyn storefront and curated by the duo, is all about “head pots” — also known as vases with faces. Bringing together 33 artists and designs, the show — obviously called About Face — features a range of works inspired by the history of the form. CHIAOZZA’s “The Unlucky Lover,” a pale blue painted paper-pulp head, echoes an ancient tale about a beheaded lover. Joe Sturm’s five tiny, adorable vessels have primary-colored smirks that you just want to take home in your pocket. Dusen Dusen’s piece comes by way of a many-faced tissue box, multicolored and striped. On view until November 18, the pieces are by turns witty (Emily Mullin’s Between Two Ferns) and stern (Clam Lab’s long-faced lad), but every piece will cheer you up — especially Katie Kimmel’s dog (I’m naming it Melvin) with a crown.

Top: Morgan Peck

About Face6

Clam Lab

High Gloss_About Face

High Gloss

Pat Kim_About Face

Pat Kim

Recreation Center2_About Face Recreation Center_About Face

Recreation Center

Emily Mullin_About Face

Emily Mullin

About Face8 About Face1 Re Jin Lee
About Face4

Kaye Blegvad

Dusen Dusen_About Face Dusen Dusen1_About Face

Dusen DusenCold Picnic About Face

Cold Picnic

Katie Kimmel

Katie Kimmel

About Face3

Camilla Bliss

Chiaozza_About Face


About Face5Natalie WeinbergerAbout Face9

Joe Sturm

About Face10

Object & Totem