In a New Show, a 3D Artist Tries His Hand At Something New — Making Furniture

Chances are, if you follow Sight Unseen on Instagram, you’re already familiar with the work of 3D artist Andrés Reisinger; you are, as the notes for his new solo show suggest, by the “consequence of some crazy algorithm… already part of a ‘visual bond’ that ties you to [his] work.” The Buenos Aires–born, Barcelona-based designer was a co-founder of Six N. Five and now works on his own, creating dreamlike rendered interiors and objects on commission for brands and design studios. But this week, in a bit of a twist, Reisinger brought one of those metaphysical spaces to life: For one of Chamber Projects’ bi-monthly Quick Tiny Shows, curated by Juan García Mosqueda and held in the courtyard of RIES’s studio, Reisinger created three design objects — a lamp, a curtain, and a snakelike silver seating unit meant for group lounging, John Chamberlain-style. They’re all a bit uncanny; their flowing, otherworldly forms suggest that they were once something “only to be found in the most comforting dreams and lush memories.” Typically up for only two days, this show was extended to a week but ends tomorrow; visit if you’re in the area, and “look hard for those details that point to the appearance of concealed knowledge that ought to have remained hidden from us, when the distinction between the imagination and reality is effaced.”

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