This Art-For-Hire Company By a London Interiors Stylist is a Genius Idea

As an interiors stylist, Laura Fulmine (of epic color-blocked London apartment fame) was constantly on the hunt for license-free art that could easily be photographed and shared — a deeply frustrating task made even harder by more stringent recent copyright laws. So she did what any reasonable person in 2019 might do: She started a company that would offer the exact thing she had always been searching for. Called M.A.H., or Modern Art Hire, the new company features an enviable roster of artists — like Naomi Clark, John Booth, Camille Walala, Laurie Maun, Justine Ashbee, Emily Forgot, and Nicolas Burrows — who have either provided works from their own archives or pieces that have been especially commissioned for the company, license-free.

“The idea is to cover all avenues of art hire,” explains Fulmine. “So interior designers can hire for projects they need photographing, art directors and stylists can hire for shoots, films, and events and then we also are offering longer-term hires for offices, hotels, restaurants, and interior designers — or to the general public!” We’re partial to the more colorful works by Naomi Clark and Jonathan Lawes, as well as these sculptures by Anna Beam, but as you can see in the photos below, there’s something for almost every palette — no pun intended.

MAH_Shot_1_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_3_Layered_Final M.A.H5939 MAH_Shot_19_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_7_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_17_Layered_Final M.A.H_5901 M.A.H_5898 MAH_Shot_4_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_2_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_6_Layered_Final copy M.A.H_5924 MAH_Shot_8_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_20_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_5_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_10_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_11_Latered_Final MAH_Shot_12_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_14_Layered_Final MAH_Shot_18_Final_Layered M.A.H_5908