Erin O'Keefe

A New Body of Work By Erin O’Keefe Asks What Makes a Space “Real”

The artist Erin O’Keefe — whose work we’ve been continuously sharing since 2014 — has a solo show opening this week at Denny Dimin Gallery in New York. While her work has remained fixated on a single subject during that time — how to manipulate space and our perception of it — the ways in which she interprets that subject seem to be almost infinite. In her photographs, she builds still lifes from painted wood blocks and planes; in her sculptures — the first she’s created in more than 10 years — she uses a mirror to refract light and dimensional space. But “the problem of what makes space ‘real’ is at the center of both bodies of work. The way our eyes reconcile our understanding of the world, usually a seamless and transparent situation, is open to question. The dissonance between experience and image is apparent, and this uncertainty makes possible a kind of naïve perceptual awareness; seeing things as they are.” The new works are occasionally geometric — an O’Keefe signature that recalls the work of Barbara Kasten — but many of the newer forms are almost harlequin in nature. An exciting development. On view from September 6th to October 27th.
ErinOKeefe_204_OrangePushy_32x40_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_207_BlueBoy_40x50_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_211_Kiss_32x40_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_212_Bedside_2019_02_hr ErinOKeefe_208_PinkGround_20x25_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_209_Ripple_20x25_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_210_Girls_20x25_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_205_BlueScallop_32x40_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_203_BlueFlip_40x50_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_206_BacktoBack_32x40_2019_hr ErinOKeefe_213_Column_2019_03_hr