Pierre Yovanovitch’s New Exhibition is a Domestic Fantasy Come to Life

Whither the design gallery? After seeing Pierre Yovanovitch’s new show at R & Company in New York this week, we’re beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see a traditional gallery show — you know, the kind with a bunch of white walls and plinths — again. Like our favorite show from the beginning of this year, Yovanovitch transformed the gallery into an enfilade of rooms, each painted a different, ultra-saturated hue that was hand-mixed on-site during install. Yovanovitch’s exhibition is loosely themed around the romantic life of a character named Miss Oops, but honestly we were too busy paying attention to the intricate details and finishes, from the handmade French embroidery by Lésage that adorns the designer’s upholstery and textiles to the ceramic tiles made in Portugal to a kind of roughly troweled finish on the ceramic mirrors and fireplace. Hands and lips recur throughout the new collection, and one of our favorite pieces was a ceramic-topped coffee table whose uneven reddish cast looks almost like smudged lipstick. On view until January 5.


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