A New Exhibition Puts a Spotlight on the Growing Canadian Design Scene

We had been feeling a bit bummed that we weren’t able to make it to Paris for the just-closed Maison & Object nor will we be attending Stockholm, but then we started wondering… Why aren’t we all going to Toronto? Quick flight, no jet lag, not to mention that the Canadian design scene has majorly been growing in numbers, talent, and organizational prowess over the past few years. The most recent wish-we’d-been-there exhibition, organized by Jamie Wolfond and MSDS Studio, asked designers across Canada to create a piece made from machined aluminum. Considering the material restrictions, the results are quite warm, owing to a soft color palette and a propensity for ikebana-inspired vases. Some of our favorites include a drooping peach tube lamp by Calen Knauf, a light inspired by threaded screws by Wolfond, stacking rosy-hued boxes by MSDS, a tri-tone wall vase by Zoe Mowat, and a pair of purposefully mismatched salt and pepper shakers by Lukas Peet. See you north of the border next year!

Top image: Overlap Bowl by Geof Ramsay


Aluminum Show8

Stutter Light by Calen Knauf

Aluminum Show5

Phantom Thread by Jamie Wolfond

Aluminum Show7

Organizer by Chifen Cheng

Aluminum Show3

Pagoda by MSDS

Aluminum Show 9

Frog Vase by Jamie Wolfond

Aluminum Show4

Salt & Pepper Mills by Lukas Peet

Aluminum Show1

Tableware by Anony

Aluminum Show2

Wall Vase by Zoe Mowat


Telescope by Castor


Soft Tray by Dylan McKinnon


Reflector Vase by SSSVLL


OD Vases by Tom Chung