At Villa Cavrois, Muller Van Severen is an Eerily Perfect Match for the Modernist Estate

This month — after a long, COVID-induced delay — the Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen finally begin their four-month intervention at Villa Cavrois, the modernist French estate designed in the late 1920s by Robert Mallet-Stevens. The show is a retrospective of sorts for the husband-and-wife duo, featuring everything from their leather-and-steel Duo Seats to brand-new work like the Alltubes series they launched this spring with Valerie Traan at Collectible and a sofa they’ve designed specifically in response to the installation site. Muller Van Severen is an almost scarily perfect match for the Villa Cavrois: The rectilinearity of the estate’s yellow brick shell is reflected in the rational lines of their wire s# series, while the green marble of Cavrois’s dining room recalls their frequent use of mixed marble and the high-gloss hue of their aluminum chairs. Even the checkerboard tile pattern in the kitchen of Cavrois recalls Muller Van Severen’s own home in Ghent. “Time becomes irrelevant in this project, as we want to create the poetic feeling that our objects could originate from the same time as the building, in the same way that the building itself feels very contemporary,” explain the duo. On view until October 31.

cavrois_duoseatlamp_4_HR IMG_9916 bended_mirror_2 installationS_2 rack+table_2 writing_desk_2sofa_cavrois_3 duoseat+lamp cavrois_emailletable_1_HR (1) IMG_9965 bended_mirror strangledrack

IMG_9948 cavrois_firstchair_3_HR table+lamp wire_terras cavrois_wire_6_3_HR cavrois_standinglamp_1_HR