Platform at Almine Rech Gallery


File under so simple it’s genius: This month, the Brussels gallery Almine Rech launched an exhibition, curated by Parisian art critic Nicolas Trembley, that mostly repurposes work from the gallery’s own collection. Called Platform, its primary conceit is a single, 55-foot-long white plinth running the length of the exhibition space, where all of the works on view joust for space, including Gavin Turk’s vinyl-painted Turkey Foil Box, Alex Israel’s marble and Styrofoam fro-yo cup, Andy Warhol’s Brillo box, Ettore Sottsass’s Casablanca bookshelf, and an array of Steuler vases we’re guessing might have come from Trembley’s own collection. Besides highlighting the three-dimensional aspect of the pieces — and making viewers reconsider items they might have passed over if displayed alone — Platform also “establishes a dialogue between the notions of design and contemporary art, objects of consumption, mass culture and subjects of contemplation” and asks the question: “What is an art object and what is the place of the object in art?” We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite images here. 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_121-opener2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_1272014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_201 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_145 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_192 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_168 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_139 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_142 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_141 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_173 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_150 2014_06_NicolasTrembley_By_SvenLaurent_214