Ben Sanders, Artist

L.A. artist Ben Sanders was already making paintings, drawings, illustrations, and sculptures when he co-founded a collaborative art direction and photography studio, Those People, not too long ago. As if all those mediums weren’t enough, though, the 25-year-old Art Center College of Design graduate recently started making objects, too, in the form of ceramic pots that he finds and uses as 3-D canvases, for paintings of wildly colorful air-brushed faces compiled from playful ’80s-style shapes. We suspect his boundary-breaking artistic fearlessness might have a little something to do with a biographical tidbit he shared with the online magazine The Hundreds in an interview earlier this year: “My dad is a welder/blacksmith, and having a parent who is a self-employed craftsman makes the decision to be an artist more realistic, because you kind of grow up witnessing somebody make a living doing what they love.” Check out Sanders’s pot collection here, plus a few of his paintings at the bottom of this post.

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