Adi Goodrich at The Standard, Hollywood

In her day-to-day job as a set designer, Adi Goodrich constructs elaborate environments with her crew on set or in the studio, but the rest of world experiences her work only through photographs. As of last night, however, you can view the Los Angeles designer’s work IRL in an installation on view until the end of December at The Standard, Hollywood hotel. The solo exhibition is called “Like Thiiiiis?” (a truly excellent nod to one of our favorite etymological trends of the past few years) and it wouldn’t be Goodrich’s if a big part of the installation wasn’t large-scale images. As she explains: “As a set designer, I wanted to make a series of personal works in which I was the sole creative on the project. All of the work I create in advertising, though I love it, requires many people, brains, hands, time and energy. I wanted to make work that relied on myself and my own stories rather than brands and a large crew —something that doesn’t rely on selling a product, and something that doesn’t need to be publicly acceptable.”

“In this exploration, I found myself making images about the past five years of living, working, and creating in Los Angeles. Because I’m a maker I created images about what I know: I made work about work. Instilling the energy that exists in my woodshop and on set I made five photographs that can be viewed as motivational posters. (Remember “There is no I in Team”?) These photographs are reminders to myself on how to be the best everyday: how to stay balanced, to take care of yourself, to surround yourself with the best and brightest people you can find, to remain positive and lighthearted, and to remember the artifacts of the past to help create a better future.”

Read on for a peek at the thought process that went into the making of each image, and for goodness sake, if you’re in Los Angeles, go see it!Balance_small“This one’s about balance. How to carry around large heavy rocks in life without letting them fall. Balancing work, balancing people, balancing yourself.”
LikeThis_small “I used my art department crew in this picture. These are the people who I see everyday, who make my drawings come to life, and who are my best friends, and without them I’d be nothing. This photo is about making things with people, and about collaborating with super-talented people while also being a boss lady.”
BedsideManners “This one is called Bedside Manners. This is my lady photo — dating a bunch of dudes who I found to bore the hell out of me, making time for myself, trying to be a better lady by working hard, staying strong and focused, taking time to learn, teach and trying to be the best everyday.”SelfImprovement “This is about Self Improvement.”
Artifacts_small “Looking at the past and trying to remember what worked and what didn’t.”