A Tour of the 2015 Show: Part I


As anyone who’s ever made an album knows, sophomore efforts are by far the toughest to pull off. And so, even though we here at Sight Unseen have been putting together a major New York Design Week showcase in some way or another since 2010, this year marked only our second outing as Sight Unseen OFFSITE, which debuted last year to enormous fanfare and praise. The stakes were incredibly high.

Part of the appeal of last year’s show — aside from the insanely high caliber of talent on display — came from our location: a beautiful, 20,000-square-foot brick-lined former factory in the middle of Soho. This year, that location was under construction, but we happened upon an even more brilliant concept: Why not set up shop just a block from the Javits, so that anyone going to ICFF could simply pop over, eat a bite in our delicious cafe rather than suffering the Javits’ underground cafeteria, and view the work in a pretty, light-filled, white-walled space? The plan worked like a charm. Hudson Mercantile proved a perfect backdrop for our showcase, which this year featured the work of more than 100 designers, who hailed from places as varied as Los Angeles, Vancouver, Indianapolis, St. Augustine, FL, Detroit, Seattle, Montreal, and, of course, Brooklyn. If you happened to miss it — or if you just want to relive the glory — check out our slideshow at right, which features our exhibitors from OFFSITE and its Collective Design satellite,  and stay tuned for even more coverage later today!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, thanks to the exhibitors who helped make this week’s show such a beautiful success, thanks to the Collective Design team for their tremendous support, thanks to our graphic designers Kokoro & Moi and our PR team at Camron, and many thanks to our partners — Cain Cain Studios, Dazian, Space Productions, and Welkin Vines. And a huge round of applause to our title sponsor Ford, without whom none of this would have been possible in the first place!