Dana Haim geometric rugs

A Sophisticated, Geometric Rug Collection With Style to Spare

Since graduating from textile design programs at RISD and Central Saint Martins, Brooklyn designer Dana Haim has dabbled in wallpaper, jewelry, and ceramics. But the thing that ended up garnering her the most attention was a super colorful, sculptural, infinitely customizable version of a pom-pom. Made from phosphorescent hues of yarn, by a foundation for at-risk teens in Haim’s native Colombia, the pom-poms were sold as keychains or mobiles at places like Urban Outfitters and ABC Home and commissioned for projects by everyone from Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride to Vogue Magazine. But at a certain point in the last year or so, Haim began to feel like she’d explored the quirky home accessory as far as she could. “The pom-poms allowed me to create my own job,” says Haim, “but it wasn’t necessarily what I’d always dreamed of doing — which was functional home products with an heirloom quality.”

This week, Haim released the fruits of her exploration into what that dream product might be — a collection of beautiful, naturally dyed rugs, with geometric prints that reimagine traditional Zapotec patterning through a more modern and minimal lens. The rugs are woven in Oaxaca, where Haim has teamed up with a fifth generation weaver, and as for the gorgeous color palette, Haim laughs: “With the pom poms, I become known for a wild color palette, but because I was taking a new direction, I wanted to challenge myself to not use all the colors. Using natural dyes limits the palette to what’s available.” The rugs are available in four different styles, with two colors for each style.

When we spoke with Haim, she’d just returned from Guatemala, where she’s begun expanding her home collection with a women’s collective. “Working with artisans while being able to create wovens, I get to marry the two things that excite me most,” Haim says. “I see this as just the beginning of many beautiful partnerships.” Check out her brand-new collection on the site today, then head over to Haim’s newly relaunched website to purchase!

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