Seattle design studio Grain

An Experimental Collection by a Studio at the Forefront of Seattle’s Design Scene

For their textile pieces, the Seattle-based studio Grain has been known to travel far and wide, working primarily with women artisans in Guatemala — after all, that’s where founders James and Chelsea Minola first met and fell in love. But for their newest collection, the two stuck a bit closer to home: a rug woven by a textile mill near their alma mater, RISD; wooden trays and benches made in their Bainbridge Island studio; bottle openers cast in a Pacific Northwest foundry; and a glass series made in collaboration with John Hogan, the Seattle-based artist responsible for nearly every beautiful glass object ever featured on this site. The glass pieces are some of our favorites — a wavy vertical sconce, a cone-shaped lamp, and round tabletops that sit perched upon open bases, all of which bear the echoes of their fabrication. “Often minimized for the sake of consistency in standard glass casting, chill marks arise when molten glass comes in contact with cool mold surfaces,” the designers explain. “These chill marks, which vary by mold material and temperature, are the source of inspiration for our Drift lighting and furniture series.” Newly photographed by that other Seattle MVP, Charlie Schuck, we’re sharing the whole collection here with you today.


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