An Under-the-Radar Postmodern Architect Finally Gets His Due

In the age of Instagram, does the most colorful architect win? We’ve seen a massive uptick lately in people posting — and designers citing as influences — architects such as Luis Barragan, Ricardo Bofill, and Ricardo Legorreta. Sometimes forgotten in all this, however, is the Maltese architect Richard England, who studied under Gio Ponti and designed much of the colorful, Postmodern architecture that dots the Mediterranean archipelago. This week, we received a series of photographs taken by Pauline Chardin, a French designer and trend consultant who runs the travel blog The Voyageur, and who recently spent time in Malta, photographing one of England’s masterpieces: an extension to the University of Malta campus, built in 1991.

Writes Chardin: “The silhouettes in England’s architecture bear a strong resemblance to the ancient ruins found on the island; it’s a primitive geometry which is simple, yet quite theatrical. He was also a student of Gio Ponti in Italy, which is quite clear when you see the graphic dimension of his buildings. They’re decked in soft, solar tones of marigold, coral, and pink and have a knack for blurring the perspective and appearing like surreal flat paintings.” We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite images here today but click through to The Voyageur for more, and for more of Chardin’s take on England’s playful minimalism.

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