LRNCE modern marrakech textiles

A Belgian Textile and Fashion Designer By Way of Marrakech

With an aesthetic that’s part Proenza, part Aelfie, LRNCE is the textiles and accessories label you get when a trained Belgian fashion designer moves to Marrakech. Founded in 2013 by Laurence Leenaert and inspired by tribal rituals, the line includes super modern, thickly embroidered rugs; sandals that mix materials like raffia, rope, and suede; graphic-printed kimonos; plus bags, ceramics, and other objects. In other words, traditional Moroccan handcrafts as distilled through the lens of contemporary graphics and design. Since Leenaert sent us her work a little more than a month ago, we’ve become obsessed with her Instagram, which features Leenaert’s own brand photography but also offers a peek into what life would be like if you left everything you knew behind and moved to someplace magical. (We’re also peeping the Instagram of Riad Jardin Secret, the tiny Parisian expat–owned hotel where LRNCE is sold, and suddenly planning a trip to Morocco.) Scroll through the images below to fuel some serious Monday wanderlust.
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