In a New Exhibition, Six Ceramicists Try Their Hand At Furniture

Not to stress out all the makers out there, but the first thing that usually pops into our heads when we find a ceramicist we love is: What would this person’s work look like at a completely different scale? We’ve found out recently with artists like Cody Hoyt, who created a grand, multi-colored public art piece in Columbus, Indiana; Forrest Lewinger, who turned the popular, blobby forms of his mugs into lamps and stools; and Eric Roinestad, whose decorative vessels have morphed into ceramic lights. Now, in a new exhibition at Lawson-Fenning in Los Angeles called Collabs in Clay, we can add six more artists to that list: Bari Ziperstein, Michele Quan, Jonathan Cross, Heather Rosenman, Victoria Morris, and Beth Katz (the artist behind Mt. Washington Pottery), who have each created a series of ceramic tables. Here, we get stacked, saturated totems by BZippy, Brutalist slabs by Jonathan Cross, Eastern iconography by MQuan — in other words, each piece is a recognizable extension of the artist’s current body of work, but unique in its point of view. On view through November 10.

LawsonFenning_BZippy3 LawsonFenning_MQuan2 LawsonFenning_MtWashington2 LawsonFenning_JonathanCross LawsonFenning_BZippy2 LawsonFenning_MQuan LawsonFenning_MtWashington LawsonFenning_HeatherRosenman LawsonFenning_HeatherRosenman2 LawsonFenning_JonathanCross2 LawsonFenning_StoreShot