How Do You Capture Kinetic Motion in a Still Photo?

That’s the challenge Kinfolk magazine recently gave London-based photographer Aaron Tilley for its current Architecture issue. Tilley’s work is often concerned with motion or the moment just before motion begins; his subjects include bread whose slices appear caught in mid-tumble or paper sheets that seem to be floating on a table’s edge. For Kinfolk, however, the still-life photographer was asked to create the effect of a Rube Goldberg machine — a series of photos in which one action triggers another and another until the payoff in the final frame. It’s even harder to render in an online scroll but we’ve attempted it here! Otherwise, see the flipbook-esque feature in the current issue of Kinfolk (which also includes an editorial shot in one of our favorite locations).Kinfolk31_TheChainReaction_ByAaronTilley_03 Kinfolk31_TheChainReaction_ByAaronTilley_04 Kinfolk31_TheChainReaction_ByAaronTilley_05 Kinfolk31_TheChainReaction_ByAaronTilley_06