Muuto’s Ultra-Chubby Kink Vase and Tableau’s Art Florals Are a Match Made in Heaven

When American-born, Rotterdam-based designer Rachel Griffin of Earnest Studio launched her ceramic Kink Vase during New York Design Week two years ago, it became something of an instant icon. This, of course, was just as the appetite for so-called “chubby design” was reaching its frenzied peak, and the Kink, with its double-mouthed, binoculars-on-a-marshmallow-bender form was perfect fodder. Lucky for us, the vase was recently picked up by Muuto, where it will sell for just $200 and still be available in that cozy sky blue (plus a sandy neutral rather than the original terracotta). To celebrate its launch, the Danish company recently commissioned a photo essay by Copenhagen-based photographer Benjamin Lund that pairs the vase with floral designs by Julius Værnes Iversen, founder and creative director of our favorite flower shop Tableau (which we covered here back in 2018). Iversen explains: “I wanted to use contrasting colors for the vases by mainly using beige-colored flowers in the light blue Kink Vase and vice versa. We used auto-painted asparagus, which is super functional as a contemporary object in a photoshoot like this one, and colored phalaenopsis orchids in blue and beige hues.” We also love the way the vases look with anthuriums (not tired of that trend yet) and we LOVE the flower with its plastic netting still on (similar to the onion bag styling trick we posted on IG a few weeks ago). Which one is your favorite?


Muuto-kink-essay-bln-17 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-6 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-5 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-15 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-14 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-13 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-9 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-8 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-2 Muuto-kink-essay-bln-3