Think Big! Our First LA Pop-up, at Space 15 Twenty

If you’ve been following our Instagram, you know that we’ve been spending an awful lot of time in Los Angeles lately. Last Thursday, we finally revealed why (aside from an obvious need to escape New York’s subzero temps and un-meltable snowdrifts). Our latest pop-up — and our first-ever venture in LA — opened last Thursday with a Maestro Dobel–sponsored party at Space 15 Twenty, the Los Angeles Urban Outfitters concept shop and sister store to Brooklyn’s Space Ninety 8, where we hosted a similar event last fall. Called Think Big!, the pop-up is inspired by a 1980s-era Soho store of the same name, which featured scaled-up versions of everyday objects.

For our store, which is on view until April 5, that idea was translated into an amazing installation concept, featuring large-scale cutouts of some of the shop’s wares, created and hand-painted by set designer extraordinaire Adi Goodrich, who we’ve featured on the site before, and with whom we couldn’t wait to collaborate.

On sale are jewelry and housewares by up-and-coming designers from both coasts; some favorites include a ripple-sleeved neoprene sweatshirt by Katie Stout, ombré pastel necklaces and brooches by London designer Kate Trouw, an exclusive teapot by Vancouver ceramicist Jacqueline Klasson, and stepped, splatter-painted ceramic and rope necklaces by North Carolina studio Shape Shape Shape Shape (FYI those last three are destined soon for our online shop!). Get a glimpse of the Think Big! world in the photos below, and if you’re in LA, by all means go see it in person and buy something!IMG_8267
The shop also features these pink blobby display tables on wooden dowels, designed by Goodrich and brought to life by Urban’s awesome production team. This table features black and white zigzag vases and silk scarves by Branden Collins of The Young Never Sleep, painted plates and planters by Line Line Co, Bower Tipsy Writers, and jewelry by Tiro Tiro, Alynne Lavigne, Erin Considine + Lauren Manoogian, and Hey Murphy.
Cutouts in this frame: an oversized vase by A Question of Eagles (the IRL versions of which appear in the foreground), a cap by Mansi Shah, a zine by Chris Golden, and a massive stepped necklace by Shape Shape Shape Shape used for merchandise display.IMG_8170
On this table: Dish racks by Good Thing, napkin rings by Pezzi USA, clock by Workaday Handmade, and ceramic jewelry holder by Morgan Peck.
Oversized Scallop Vase by Morgan Peck, Napkin Ring by Pezzi USA, and Zigzag Dish by Dana Haim IMG_8205Vase by Branden M. Collins of The Young Never Sleep
IMG_8191Marbled clock by Workaday HandmadeIMG_8192Jewelry racks by Morgan PeckIMG_8182Note cards by Frances LabIMG_8261
Clockwise from left: Zines by Chris Golden, sage burners by Eric Trine, earrings by Bario-Neal, necklaces by Cursive Design, pouches by Scout & Catalogue, dishes by Dana Haim
IMG_8211Zines by Chris GoldenIMG_8185Dish racks by Good ThingfauxrealBangles by Faux/RealIMG_8229Neon Crackle Teapot by Jacqueline KlassenIMG_8172 IMG_8358So much color!IMG_8304Cocktails for the party were generously provided by Maestro Dobel tequila!
IMG_8352 IMG_8391 IMG_8372 IMG_8325 IMG_8334 IMG_8406 copy Morgan Peck_Scallop VaseScallop Vase by Morgan PeckAlynne Lavigne_earrings One Two earrings by Alynne LavigneBario Neal_Strata2Strata earrings by Bario-Neal and Jessica HansHeyMurphyLuciteNecklaceNecklace by Hey MurphyKateTrouw2Bound Necklaces by Kate TrouwKateTrouwSplit Brooches by Kate TrouwMANSI_SHAH_BOOKMARK_MARBLEBookmarks by Mansi ShahMANSI_SHAH_IPHONE_6_BEAMSiPhone case by Mansi ShahMetalepsis_split_atom_wbSplit Atom Ring by MetalepsisOtaat7-FlapWallet-18Flap Wallet by OtaatShape Shape Shape Shape2Necklace by Shape Shape Shape Shape