At The Future Perfect, Bec Brittain’s SHY Lights Grow Up

Bec Brittain has been playing with different configurations of her constellation-like SHY Lights ever since they debuted (at a lo-fi Sight Unseen presentation, no less!) all the way back in 2012. But because each light is constricted only by the width and length of an LED tube, as well as Brittain’s own boundless imagination, the possibilities are quite literally endless. So for a new show at The Future Perfect, called Resolute, Brittain began experimenting with the path and quality of the light source itself rather than the configuration of the tubes. The results are some of her best work yet: In many of the pieces, the light becomes partially obscured, reflected or otherwise manipulated by mirrors and sheets of colored or smoked glass. The show also debuts what Brittain calls Tension Beams, in which stalks of brass tubing seem to climb up the wall. The pieces as a whole were meant to be considered as architectural responses, intended for site-specific installations, Scroll through to see how totally, uh, perfect they look installed at TFP’s New York gallery.


TFP - Bec Brittain - Hanging Flags (detail) TFP - Bec Brittain - Flags TFP - Bec Brittain - Hanging Flags TFP - Bec Brittain - Tension Beams TFP - Bec Brittain - Pennant Sconce TFP - Bec Brittain - Hanging Flags and Zelda Halo TFP - Bec Brittain - Flags (detail 2) TFP - Bec Brittain Climbing Beams TFP - Bec Brittain - Tension Beams Detail TFP - Bec Brittain Pennant (show view)