No, You’re Not Imagining It — These Three Vintage Lamps Are Suddenly Everywhere

In design circles, there are a few things that might be considered “Instagram famous” — certain plants, to be sure; Luis Barragán interiors; Ricardo Bofill exteriors; the Atelier Brancusi replica at the Centre Pompidou; anthuriums. But in recent months, we’ve noticed three lamps popping up with such frequency that they might also be ascribed that title. Each lamp is vintage, but perhaps the more crucial thing they have in common is that each represents a trend currently winging its way through the design world. The Mads Caprani lamp — a ’70s-era Danish creation that mixes a curved bentwood spine with a cast-iron base and a creamy fluted shade — plays on the current mania for pleated lampshades. The squat Murano Mushroom lamp — with swirls or without — satisfies our need for all things colored glass. And Noguchi’s polka-dot Akari light sculpture is a nice bridge between two simultaneous trends — graphic maximalism and all things organic, puffy, and beige (not to mention the fact that polka-dots also recently had a moment in the sun thanks to the Kusama craze of a few years back.) You can buy the Noguchi lamp new, but the others are constantly popping up on places like Chairish, Homeunion, and Etsy. Browse some of our favorite sightings below, and then set your alerts if you want in on the trend!

The Mads Caprani Lamp


Nick Nemechek’s Copenhagen apartment

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Bembien showroom


Caroline Feiffer’s Copenhagen apartment





The Noguchi Polka Dot Lamp


The Caroline House by Kennedy NolanNoguchi_Kollekted By Noguchi_Kollekted By 2

Kollekted By

Noguchi_Kathleen Whitaker

Kathleen Whitaker’s LA Apartment

The Murano Mushroom Lamp


Paul Denoly and Nicholas Blaine’s Hudson home

Maria Harmuth


The Fashion Medley