These Ceramic Lamps, Paired With Delicate Paper and Bamboo Shades, Are About to Be Everywhere

We first stumbled across Bennet Schlesinger’s lamps on the Instagram of a friend. Perched atop two handmade ceramic bases were shades made from translucent paper sheets, stretched across a cambered latticework of bamboo strips. They were glowing and fresh and new, and we immediately fell in love (and shot them straight to the top of our annual gift guide). Now, the Southern California–based Schlesinger, who designs under the name Lightsong Exchange, is co-headlining an exhibition of his work at the new Los Angeles gallery Stanley’s, alongside the artist Sara French, who likewise uses paper in her work, in a series of recycled paper pulp clocks.

The impetus for the exhibition was to “showcase the material diversity and strength of paper,” but for Schlesinger’s part, equal attention is paid to ceramics, both in those lamp bases and in a collection of ceramic sculptures that pay homage to many of Schlesinger’s influences, including Cy Twombly, Suzan Frecon, and Peter Voulkos. “As in his work with paper, the textures of his ceramic vessels create a beautiful trompe l’oeil: seemingly carved out of solid stone, they are in fact light and delicate.” On view by appointment only until March 1.
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